moving to tumblr

Hey there!

I move to tumblr since there i am more free in posting whatever i want and am able to show so much more of my experiments in drawing and painting.


I will keep blogger as some sort of portfolio(?) or maybe not at all, since i dont think someone still follows this mess here :)


Week Challenge #1

100 Faces in 1 Week
all faces with a pinkish background are done without ref from imagination.
The last sheet is completely from imagination to harden the knowledge i gained over the challenge. I drew the same face several times, the first time in my old automatism of drawing faces and then one or two overpaints after a short break, this time actively using what i have learned in this challenge.

all without ref


Work for Pathfinder 2012

Persian Ranger


Goth Badass

Hooded Bountyhunter

Orc Angelbreaker

Orc Borderguard

Tribal Moustache

Knights of the Inner Sea

Eagle Knight

Knight of Ozem

mendev crusader